Therapy Options

We provide help for anyone, regardless of race, religion or gender, who is stressed by their current life situation. It doesn’t matter if these stresses are in a relationship, or on a job, or just in finding life meaningful rather than anxiety-ridden and depressing.

Couple’s Therapy

With couples, I follow a problem-solving modality based on mutual understanding and goodwill. My pacing is based on the couple’s ability to find the time to do the work of the therapy. Since relationships usually take some time to deteriorate, it will also take time and commitment to heal yours, and make it all you want to be.

Couples can benefit from therapy across the life span of their relationship. Whether there are serious problems, important issues, or a need for growth, sessions with Dr. Sara can help reestablish communication, or help the couple to decide to end their relationship. Although she believes that marriage is an important commitment, she also understands that, they sometimes need to end. She has specialized training in working with couples, since her Ph.D. is in Marriage and Family Therapy.

In addition, she was trained in Imago Therapy by Harville Hendrix, the author of Getting the Love You Want and Getting the Love You Want Workbook: The New Couples’ Study Guide.

She frequently uses both books in her work, so that couples can always refer back to the work they have done with her. In addition, she refers couples to the Getting the Love You Want Weekend for Couples and Couples in Recovery. Dr. Sara has personal experience of Imago in her 26 year relationship with her late husband.

In addition, couples facing issues related to a grave illness or death and dying will find working with Dr. Sara helpful. She is frequently a part of the patient’s team of doctors who deal with the progression of a terminal illness. Having been a caregiver during her husband’s last years, she knows the tumult and uncertainty that couples’ face. Whether patient or caregiver, having a safe place to talk about difficult things, is a skill Dr. Sara brings to the experience.

Sex Therapy

Sexual problems can be primary and stand by themselves. They can be secondary to medical or physical problems. They can also be a reflection of other communication or intimacy problems in a relationship.

Having worked in the field of sex therapy for more than twenty –five years, I know that, regardless of cause, problems, such as: lack of desire for sex between partners, unconsummated marriages or low sex marriages, problems with erections, premature ejaculation and sexual aversion/anorexia can be treated successfully. I studied initially with Masters and Johnson, in St. Louis, and then with Hartman and Fithian, in Long Beach, California. I have also completed Hot Monogamy training with Pat Love, in Austin, Texas and spent time with David Schnarch.

All sexual problems have as a side effect a lack of intimacy between the partners(see slide on intimacy) which leads to marital dissatisfaction.

Individual Therapy

I have expertise in working with clients who experience many different problems. Common issues I have worked with include: depression, anxiety, codependency; “adult children” (alcoholic or abusive families) people experiencing death or divorce.

Since I cannot prescribe medication, I believe in trying other holistic approaches. However, I don’t preclude a referral to a nurse practitioner, primary care physician or psychiatrist who can evaluate and prescribe.

Group Therapy

Two Kinds of Group Therapy are offered at the Center.

The first, is Couples’ Group therapy based on the work of Harville Hendrix. This eight week group is limited to five couples and lasts two hours. The group is open to any couple that believes that their relationship would benefit from improved communication, learning to successfully ask for changes in behavior and adding fun and delight to their relationship. Attendance at the class can also follow a Getting the Love You Want Weekend to solidify new learning.

The second type of group therapy is run through our sexual addiction program SHARE.

Phone Calls and Consultation

From time to time, clients want to discuss something about a session or have a specific question to ask the therapist. Phone calls lasting less than 10 minutes have no charge. After 10 minutes, the regular hourly fee applies.

Occasionally, when for various reasons (e.g. snowstorms, business travel etc.) on-going clients cannot make it into the office, a session may be conducted by phone. Phone sessions while useful in keeping the therapeutic relationship on-going should not be considered as an equal replacement for in office sessions. The inability of the therapist and the client(s) to see each other can limit the effectiveness of the meeting since subtle non-verbal and non-visual cues cannot be appreciated.

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