This is the space for my blog. It will contain a series of thoughts about Human Sexuality and Sexual Addiction/Compulsivity and almost anything that seems thought worthy! I will use this blog to communicate and engage in conversation. This blog will be used as a special place where I will share new and innovative ideas and concepts. I will also follow your comments and feedback and will actively listen, learn, and engage.

Since many of us also use social media, I will also link the blog to Facebook and Twitter for those that are inclined to use these channels to communicate. Today’s technology and environment are often complex, but I hope the way we will provide you choices will allow these ideas to be available where you are most comfortable to follow and discuss them.

Please check the blog frequently, as I hope to share two concepts or ideas a month and will establish a somewhat regular schedule to do so. This will evolve over the coming weeks based on your feedback and engagement. Thanks for following me/us and I look forward to engaging online or perhaps speaking with you in a personal setting.

So here are the first thoughts I have:

Human Sexuality is hard-wired inside of us. We know that boy babies have erections in utero; while little girl babies lubricate vaginally within hours of their birth. So, all of us are born as sexual beings. But it is the culture as well as the values of a family and society that adds to this innate characteristic that makes it unique from person to person.

Many authorities suggest that sexuality is at its best when it is shared in the context of connection, and that it is a manifestation of vulnerability within a relationship. Obviously the opposite then, is when people are objectified e.g., just body parts and sexuality is not seen as a special value to be honored in the context of a relationship but just a biological “itch” that need to be scratched. If these are the polar opposites, where do you find yourself on the continuum and why?

Highest Value______________________________________________________Biological Need

How about letting me know what you think?